Core Values

Trusted and Relevant Results

We stay relevant and nimble by supporting emerging and established clients, and both benefit from our experience of seeing trends and cutting-edge ideas, as well as knowing what is foundational and stands the test of time.


We feel pride in our client’s accomplishments because we are fully bought into their success by creating a true partnership with them.


We care about the most intricate details as much as our clients do, and we appreciate the time, skill and effort they put in to create the thing they want to protect.


We know that quality actions come from an empowered and informed client, so we counsel to guide their own already informed judgment.


We act in the best, principled approach for the client, even when it’s not apparent or easy.


We believe in the notion that great clients work with great people, and vice versa. Excellent relationships help all parties rise to a higher level.


We know that having fun frees creativity and paves the way for a solid and trusting relationship. Work is always better when everyone is enjoying the process.


We understand that good legal advice means offering more than the letter of the law. We always incorporate the real-world needs of our clients to provide well-rounded and practical counsel.


It’s not enough to like what we do – we believe we hold a deep abiding passion for what we do.


Diversity and Inclusion

Like our tag line says, this ain’t your daddy’s law firm.  We are founded and led by a woman, and in a law firm, that is rare, and for an intellectual property law firm, it’s practically unheard of.  We want a diverse team of professionals.  We recognize that diversity brings a perspective otherwise not available.  Bringing people of differing cultures, backgrounds, education, and experiences together allows the opportunity for varied perspectives, more creativity, better idea generation, and problem solving which means one thing – more successful outcomes.  In addition to pushing better results, diversity creates a rich culture within our firm that allows us to better identify with and adapt to the clients and organizations we serve.

The firm is a certified diverse vendor, and we want the many proven benefits a diverse team can provide.  Creating avenues of employment opportunity in the legal field is important.  We are mindful of our responsibility to support diversity and inclusion in our hiring practices.  Our firm was founded in 2004 with a mission to be something different, something special, something the opposite of the hundreds of years old law firm model. 

“Diversity creates variety and depth of expertise.  It enriches our life experience.  People come from all walks of life and everyone’s story, challenges, and obstacles they have overcome puts them here today and they bring something interesting to the table.  Surrounding yourself with a bunch of “yes men” that look just like you is so outdated.  At Pranger, we take great pride in serving our clients from a diverse point of view, while at the same time providing career opportunities for diverse candidates.”  — Holly Pranger, Founder and Managing Partner, Pranger Law PC