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Disputes and claims are a part of doing business.


The Patent Litigation practice at Pranger combines depth of experience with an efficient approach toward achieving favorable results for our clients. Our attorneys in this practice have an outstanding results-focused track record that spans over 25 years, handling complex patent disputes involving sophisticated technology matters. Whether we are blowing up a troll’s patents or aggressively pursuing enforcement of your patent rights, our model enables our team to expertly formulate the best strategies and tenaciously advocate for our clients without burdening them with unnecessary time and resources. We efficiently manage all aspects of a patent case, including pre-lawsuit investigation, formulating litigation avoidance strategies, managing all phases of discovery, retaining and working with experts, engaging motion practice, preparing trial-related filings and trial.

Trademark Litigation and Unfair Competition

Pranger’s enforcement and litigation attorneys have handled thousands of enforcement matters and when disputes turn into litigation, our lawyers possess unmatched experience. Our attorneys are fiercely dedicated to enforcing, policing and protecting our clients’ trademark and right of publicity rights, including defending against third party objection proceedings, trademark infringement, and actions in foreign jurisdictions. We have a successful track recording of protecting brands from unfair competition acts including trade dress infringement, counterfeiting, misappropriation, passing off, false advertising and more.


Copyright law is both elegant and complex, and terribly misunderstood. The attorneys at Pranger have the capability to combine their extensive experience with copyright counseling and copyright litigation to enforce and protect your valuable literary and artistic works. Our team of proven copyright litigators can handle complex matters including infringement claims, DMCA notices, Fair Use and more.


Pranger attorneys have deep experience in general commercial litigation. In addition to intellectual property and right of publicity claims, we can handle all types of cases in this practice area including breach of contract, fraud, business-to-business disputes and more. We seek the best and most efficient paths to a favorable outcome for our clients and are fully prepared to go to trial when necessary.

Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many contracts and disputes are subject to arbitration, so this tribunal is where more and more matters are resolved. Our attorneys have handled numerous arbitrations and understand the exceptional differences in advocacy and style necessary before an arbitrator or a panel. The advocating strength our attorneys is so well developed that it is seamlessly channeled for this less formal, but no less important, process. We have obtained and negotiated many positive results for our clients in mediations and arbitrations, and as seasoned litigators fully dedicated to client success, Pranger’s attorneys have the experience and vision to recognize when alternative dispute resolution is the best course of action in a matter.